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Honda GL1800 Goldwing Accessories.


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Honda GL1800 Accessories 

Honda GL1800 Goldwing 2001 to 2016 ECM Fuel Enhancer.

GL1800 ECM Fuel Enhancer 



• Comes complete with GL1800 application harness, using OEM connectors for easy plug-and-play installation
• Preprogrammed with maps for stock and slip-on exhaust
• USB II computer interface with easy-to-use software for tuning
• Gear dependent fuel trims
• Takes away the stumble at take off that's on some GL1800
• Switch between maps on the fly with optional handlebar map switch. Not needed for normal use.
For closed course competition use only. NOT FOR STREET USE
• May not be legal for sale or use in California or in other localities due to state and/or federal anti-tampering laws.






Honda GL1800 Goldwing 2001 to 2016 Fuel System Enhancer 


Cost $349.95


Enhanceing Graph 

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  • Expect noticeable increase in fuel economy AND power
  • Fuel controller's cylinder trim will act as bank trim on this model
  • Front is left bank, Rear is right bank
  • Many body panels to remove for the install, but not technically challenging
  • T-tap: TPS, neutral
  • Made In America Made In America.


Honda GL1800 Goldwing Parts, Sales and Service.











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